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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Fast Food Cart?
Fast Food Cart is specifically built for anyone who needs to sell food, drink or entertainment online or via mobile. It's ideally suited to restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, bistros and catering companies. It can also be used for any grocery, bakery or coffee shop. We are built for use at festivals to help manage queues and ordering delays.
I already sell online. Why use Fast Food Cart?
Fast Food Cart is not a restaurant aggregator. When you sell online via aggregators you will spend 10% - 20% in addition to your transaction costs on every order you sell. Fast Food Cart enables you to build your own online client base, access their details, accelerate sales and reduce the sales cost. You should use Fast Food Cart in parallel to your other online marketing activities and grow your client base by providing them with better prices for your food when they order from you directly. We can save restaurants many thousands of pounds a year and provide them with the best online food sales platform available.
Can I use my existing website?
Yes. You can use your Fast Food Cart on your existing website by adding a new menu item to work with your new ordering system. You can even use your own domain name or a sub domain.
Can I import my menu and prices from a spreadsheet?
Yes. Download our example menu spreadsheet to see how to structure yours. Save it as a CSV and you can import your menu or make updates to all your prices at any time.
Do I need a website?
No. Fast Food Cart can be used as your whole website. We would however advise you to integrate it will a simple content management system as this will improve your search engine optimisation and provide you with additional online marketing advantages. Our development partners can help you set one up as part our higher level subscription options.
How long will it take to set up?
As soon as you register for your free trial our team will open an account for you and send you your new access details. It will take about a minute or so to add each menu item depending on its options and pricing structure. You can start selling your menu items as soon as you connect your payment gateway details to your Fast Food Cart. You get paid directly from all your online orders. Your only other costs on each order are your credit card processing fees which are set by your bank or card processor. Fast Food Cart will only charge you a setup fee and the monthly subscription associated with your plan after your 15 day trial.
How long is the contract?
It's a monthly rolling contract. You can cancel your payments at any time and your account will be deactivated. If your payment fails on your credit card your account will be suspended. If no payment is received within your account will be deleted after 30 days.
What does it cost to be reactivated again if my account is susspended ?
If your account is suspended you will be charged a one off administration fee of £100 to have your account reactivated again.
My Fast Food Account is down. How do i get it back up again.
Please check that your monthly payment was successful and that your credit card has not yet expired. If your payments were processed successfully then please contact our support team and they will resolve the issue for you.
What languages are supported?
You can set Fast Food Cart's base language to one of the following.
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Chinese, Simplified
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
Can I keep using other restaurant aggregators at the same time?
Yes. Restaurant aggregators will cost you a commission on every sale they generate, but they are a great way of taking your product to new clients. Think of them as a marketing expense. Your goal is to get as many new clients to use you and then transition them onto Fast Food Cart for all repeat sales as a loyal customer.
I already sell online via my website. Why do i need Fast Food Cart?
You may already be selling online but have you calculated its ongoing cost. You will have ongoing development costs, hosting costs and transaction fees too. With no sales commission and a low monthly subscription, Fast Food Cart takes the stress out of your online sales. Your Fast Food Cart is updated automatically, improved constantly, hosted and managed with no additional expense to yourself. Even our payment processors will give you the lowest transaction fees of 1.4% + 20p saving you even more per order. Talk to us. We will match or beat your current ongoing sales and development costs.

Payment & Money

What payment gateways are supported?
Use any of the following payment gateways to get paid directly for the food you sell online or via your mobile app.
  • Paypal Pro
  • Stripe
  • Global Gateway e4 / First Data
  • Heartland Payment Systems
  • APS (American Payment Solutions)
  • CCAvenue
  • Element Vantiv
  • Authorizenet
  • Authorizenet (with customer profiling)
  • Payeezy
  • PayuMoney
  • Beanstream
  • Payfort Start
  • Square Connect
  • Telr
  • Redsys
  • Paytabs
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • UsaEpay
  • Freedom Pay
What payment wallets are supported?
Make checkout easy by selling your products via the following payment wallets.
  • Paytm
  • Paypal Standard
What currencies are supported?
You can set Fast Food Cart's base language to one of the following.
  • GBP
  • EURO
  • USD
  • CAD
  • AUD
  • SGD
  • AED
  • BHD
  • INR
  • BRL
  • CHF
  • CZK
  • DKK
  • HKD
  • HUF
  • ILS
  • JPY
  • MXN
  • MYR
  • NOK
  • NZD
  • PHP
  • PLN
  • SEK
  • THB
  • TWD
  • ZAR - Comming Soon
What are the banking / transaction fees?
Your banking fees come down to the provider you select for payment. The fees are not set by Fast Food Cart and you will be paid directly by your payment partner. If you use Stripe, for instance, the cost for processing European credit cards will be 1.4% + 20p for each transaction you process via them (as of 14 Aug 2018) . Please check your payment partners website for their current processing rates.
What is the 1.4% + 20 transaction fee? Who is paid this?
Depending on who you use to process your online payments you will have a banking fee / transactional fee associated with each payment that is made to you. Generally this fee is bout 3.4% + 20p per transaction if you are using a payment gateway. We however recommend using Stripe for your payment processing as it accepts all credit cards and saves you a small fortune on your per transaction fees. Stripe costs 1.4% + 20p for European card payment processing. The fee is paid by you directly to your chosen payment processor. Fast Food Cart charge you no per order commission. You deal with your earnings, sales and money directly.

What is included.

Quick Menu Set Up
All it takes is just an hour to set up your restaurant and get going.
Inbuilt Marketing Tools
Leverage the inbuilt marketing modules such as Loyalty and Coupons to turn your customers into raving fans of your service.
Get your customers data and know them even better now. Reward your most loyal customers and engage the new ones even further using Fast Food Cart inbuilt Marketing Tools.
Easy Order Management
Manage incoming orders on the go. Update customers on their orders on the fly. Make changes to your menu anytime from your dashboard.
Device-friendly interface
Our online ordering software is completely device friendly. It seamlessly integrates mobile ordering as well as tablet based ordering as a part of the Online ordering system.
Point Of Sale Integration
This feature synchronizes all your online and offline customers, orders, discount coupons etc. with POS integration. This integration offers complete business control on the front as well as back-end. Online Ordering For Restaurants is just a cake walk with this kicker.
Facebook Ordering
How can Your customers miss out on "Facebook Ordering". Our Facebook App allows customers to order right from your Facebook page. Turn your Facebook fans into loyal customers eating every delicious bite on Facebook with payment integration.
Multilingual Support
Get the language freedom with Fast Food Cart multilingual support for your customers. It is not just online ordering but comfort ordering.
Real Time Analytics
Generate custom reports on T&M basis, make strategic decisions based on the results and take your business to the next levels. From the sales reports to what your customers like the most is available in our Online Ordering For Restaurants Complete package.
On-the-go Ordering
Just copy and paste the online ordering widget onto your restaurant website, and start taking orders today.
Loyalty Points
Why just have Fans why not have "Raving Fans" who are rewarded everytime they make a purchase, be it Mobile Ordering, Facebook Ordering or Online Ordering, your customers should always be rewarded .
Social Media Integration
Running campaigns is great but its even greater when you can take it viral over the social media. With Fast Food Cart's Online Ordering System get a social media kit and enjoy communicating your campaigns with fans and friends over Facebook and Twitter.
Coupon Management
Our coupon code generator allows your Online ordering system to intelligently offer customer specific coupons or new product release coupons.
Engage your existing customers with e-mail, newsletters and specials, the online ordering system allows customers to avail promotional coupons on signing up to the website.
Multiple Payment Options
We provide multiple payment options such as COD, net banking, credit card, debit card, through Sodexho or any other method that you wish to integrate.
Gateway Integration
Request a payment gateway to integrate with and you will have it. Our Online system is compatible with all paymnet gateways. We also provide PayPal integration and paygate integration with checkout system.
PCI Compliance
We provide PCI compliance within the online ordering system so that your customers can go ahead and order with any major credit or debit card.
Interactive Website
Tell us what look you would like your website to have that exactly compliments your physical store and our designer's team will do the job.
Custom Setting
Our online ordering system encompasses custom website design for your restaurant website and feature set expansion opportunities that are tied to your operational needs like PayPal integration.
Delivery Zone Mapping
Control your minimum order & delivery charges according to distance from your restaurant.
Mobile Ordering
Enable online ordering using your own domain name.
Dynamic Pricing
Manage prices pertaining to stock and sales conditions. Think strategically and price the products according to your objective. The objective could be avoiding stock expiry, increase sales, position premium pricing etc.
Yield Management
An innovative angle that brings stock and cost balance. It allows you to manage stock and increase yield by reducing stock wastage. This is how: Our online ordering system intelligently picks up the expiring or low sales period and pushes a notification to boost sales.
Intelligent Upsell
Entice your customers to move to a higher purchase value. Give lucrative offers to your customers to try the new menu item in store by offering at discount or as part of combo.
Custom Tax
Easily support taxes like VAT or Bag tax, so your order amounts are always correct.
Menu management
The online ordering system allows you to highlight your hot sellers, best buys and combos, weekly and daily specials. Give an interactive and dynamic angle to your regular menu.
Order Management
The online ordering system allows you to highlight your hot sellers, best buys and combos, weekly and daily specials. Give an interactive and dynamic angle to your regular menu.
Group Ordering
Display group ordering discounts and benefits such that they are visible and appealing to all
Delivery Management
Manage the delivery channel by just sitting on your screen. Track what needs to go where in what time, and the best possible way to deliver all orders in time both in store and home deliveries with Fast Food Cart's online ordering system.

Your Restaurant App for IOS and Android

How do I launch my mobile app?
You will need to have a subscription plan that includes our Android and IOS data feeds. You will then need to have processed your one-time app setup fee of £500. Your app will then be setup and submitted to the app store where it will be live within a week.
What does it cost?
You will need to have a subscription plan that includes our Android and IOS data feeds and you will need to have processed your one-time app setup fee of £500.

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VAT of 20% is included on all payments.