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See what you should be saving each month - Use our savings calculator

How do I calculate my monthly savings?
The first step is to enter in your current sales info. This includes your current online sales volume, average sales value and the costs associated with every online sale. This will provide you with your monthly sales total and associated existing costs. You can use the slider to change the number of orders you get each month online to calculate what you are spending each month on your sales commissions from your sales. Next... decide what percentage of your monthly online sales you would like to drive via your Fast Food Cart account. By changing the slider you can see how much you will save each month by sending a larger percentage of your repeating orders via your own Fast Food Cart online sales system. The more orders you can manage yourself on your own platform.. the more you save each month. Finally. Use the third slider to set your monthly growth. This will give you your yearly savings total based on the figures you have already set.
What about new customers?
If you are selling to new customers via your website too your monthly cost will stay the same. But your profit will go up. Fast Food Cart is designed to help you make your own online sales.
What figures are used in the calculations?
We comparing the settings you use with our basic plan of £50 + VAT (£60). We have used our standard transaction fees with Stripe which is currently 1.4% + 20p per payment processed. We take the total number of orders you process each month and multiply that by an average order amount of £15 per order to get a total monthly online order amount. We have used a starting commission rate of 15% + VAT as the starting comparison for a Restaurant Aggregator that you may use to make sales. We have also used the average processing fee that most online sales platforms use which is 3.4% + 20p as the comparison transaction fee. When you set the percentage of orders you process via Fast Food Cart we reduce the number of orders via your existing provider proportionally. The end result is your saving each month compared to only using your existing sales website. If your monthly sales are growing each month we have used this to give you your growth rate and then calculate your yearly saving by using Fast Food Cart.

You will save £ xxxx a year using Fast Food Cart.

We used the following values and our starting monthly subscription inc VAT and have included any associated credit card payment processing fees to calculate your savings.

Update the saving calculator with your own values to suit your business. See what you will save.

Step 1: Set Your Existing Sales & Costs.

Number of monthly online food orders (thousands)

Total Sales £xxxx

Adjust Your Existing Costs.

Average Order & Sales Commission

Average Order (£)

Sales Commission (%)

Banking / Transaction Fees

Payment Processing Fee (%)

Per Transaction Fee (£)

Step 2: Set Your Monthly Fast Food Cart Usage.

You will save £ xxxx a month if you process xx% of your online orders via Fast Food Cart

Set your Fast Food Cart Usage %

Total Monthly Savings : £ xxxx

Proportion of Costs
Total Monthly Sales : £xxxx
Savings vs Costs

xx% online sales via FFC costs £xxxx a month.

xx% of your existing online sales will cost £xxxx each month.

Step 3: Set Your Monthly Growth.

How much does your business grow each month as a percentage?

Total Yearly Saving


Existing Sales Cost


Fast Food Cart Cost


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